Fix My:

Accidents happen, and it’s our job to fix them when it comes to damaging your mobile device. It’s never been easier to render your device useless after dropping it. Our trained technicians will diagnose and repair your device within 24 hours.

Screen Repairs

Our specialist team will take care of your broken screens as if it was their own.

We pride ourselves in staying at the forefront of technology, no matter how new your phone is, we’ve already studied the repair and perfected it!

iPhone screen repairs in 15 minutes? YES we can do that!
Samsung screens is less that 30 mins? YES we can do that!
iPad screens in 90 minutes? YES we can do that!
Sony Screens in 60 minutes? YES we can do that!

Please call 02 9889 3249 for other models and timings. rest assured we can do it fast and at the best price!

If we haven’t got it in stock, we will find it for you.